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The Quest for Love
(Bracelet Length w Clasp)

Handmade Copper Gender Signs. (seed beads) Citrine: Prosperity, success in new endeavors, promotes positive outcomes, smooths out family problems. Copper Imprinted disc: Loverís kiss.Rhodonite Star: Vibrates love, promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being-raises self-worth and wards off negativity a "rescue" stone. Helps to soothe the nervous system. The star represents the divine feminine, the divine spirit within us, also a symbol of protection and balance. Rose Quartz: Heals emotional wounds, attracts love- including self love, promotes peace, forgiveness, helps to balance relationships. Rejuvenation of skin, kidneys, aids in mental illness, aches, pains and nerves. Chalcedony: Stability and nurturing - transmutes negative energies - brings harmony - physically and spiritually, calming and stops worry. Fosters optimism, creativity and releases the negative. Aids with heart problems of all kinds. Antique African Eye Beads: Believed to be protection against the Evil Eye. Amethyst: This is considered the "sobriety stone" - means "not drunk". Cleanses and renews - negates impatience, resentment and insomnia. Brings calmness and clarity to the mind - aids sobriety. Red Garnet: Balances natural energy, highly protective stone - increases confidence and imagination, attracts love and helps depression. Works with liver to cleanse toxins. Blue Kunzite: Promotes Inner love, self-love - self-worth. Stimulates sensuality and promotes feelings of peace and inner strength. Powerful healing stone, balance, grounding. The spiral is a symbol of growth, change and evolution. (handmade copper clasp)