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5 Signs of Life

(Longer Necklace, Continuous String)

Silver Spiral:The spiral is a symbol of growth, change and evolution.Lake Huron Beach Stone: Worn by the sands of time-natural flow.Green Indian Aventurine: Good luck, stimulates creativity, healing stone, sense of mental and emotional well-being, adventure and courage. Aids with bad temper and decision making.Malachite: Transformation, comfortable with change, releasing negative experiences and alleviating guilt. Eases menstrual cycle, menstruation/cramps, emotional healing, joint issues.Sunset Dumortierite: Highly spiritual stone-enhances communication (angels and spirit guides), facilitates seeing the good in others. Promotes a positive attitude, increases self-confidence-the ability to speak out for oneself. Increases self-discipline and organizational skills/thought process. Benefits healing headaches, nausea, colic and if gently placed on sunburn can soothe the skin.Natural Emerald: A powerful healing stone, promotes emotional and spiritual balance as well as increasing energy level of all body organs.Impression Jasper: Thought to ease depression, fear, worry, anxiety, impatience and stress by bringing peace and calm to even the most active mind. Excellent meditation stone. Aquamarine: Stone of courage, the light blue color helps to tune us more into nature – the calmness of the sky and ocean. Promotes safe travel and self-awareness, has a calming soothing effect – serenity. Aids the heart, throat, immune system and breathing allergies.Amazonite:Creates a feeling of power, inspires truth, sincerity, honor, self-love, clarity and openness. Opens the doorway to psychic vision and restores spiritual faith. Helps to develop trust in spirit, negative energy, sadness and grief. Helps you feel more power in a powerless situation and fosters artistic creativity.Azurite/Malachite: Promotes a spiritual path, helps with mental clarity and dealing with change,letting go of old patterns. Calms anxiety, reduces depression and sress, clears toxins from the body.Canadian Jade: Wisdom, mercy, humility, generosity, peace, harmony, protective and lucky - promotes a long life and a peaceful death - self-healing. Associated with heart abundance. Green is the color of healing and hope.African Turquoise: A “truth stone” – self-honesty, self-realization – protects and detoxes. Opens the heart. Helps to relieve stress, headaches, enhances healing. A stone of wholeness - bringng the spiritual and physical worlds together.5 Signs of Life: Equidistant Cross: Represents relationships & integration. Triangle: Represents your goals, visions and dreams.Circle: Symbolizes wholeness & the experience of unity. Square: Symbolizes stability, solidity and security. Spiral: Symbol of growth, change and evolution.Green Lake Huron Beach Glass: Worn by the sands of time - natural flow.