Peace & Calm in the Present Moment
(Necklace Length w Magnetic Clasp)

Lake Huron Beach Stone: Smooth and soothing to the touch, natural stone worn down by the waves of time - with copper spiral, the symbol of growth, change and evolution. Labradorite: Spiritual awakening, promotes self esteem, intuitive wisdom, calmness, patience, and aids in combating addictions. The hidden “flash” in the stone reminds us of the guiding spirit within us. Helps balance the metabolism, aids eyesight, colds, fever and blood pressure. Carnelian: Action stone-grounding, focus, and self-actualization, ambition, confidence -"be present." Protects against sorrow and depression and encourages love with family. Cleanses the blood, kidneys, stimulates passion, sexuality and energy - aids heart health, allergies, arthritis and cancer recovery. Natural Blue Impression Jasper: Thought to ease depression, fear, worry, anxiety, impatience and stress by bringing peace and calm to even the most active mind. Excellent meditation stone. Amazonite: Creates a feeling of power. Inspires truth, sincerity, honor, self-love, clarity and openness. Opens the doorway to psychic vision and restores spiritual faith. Helps to develop trust in spirit, dispels negative energy, sadness and grief. (enameled magnetic clasp)

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