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Healing Attunement
(Longer Wrist Length)

Labradorite: Spiritual awakening, promotes self esteem, intuitive wisdom, calmness, patience, and aids in combatting addictions. The hidden "flash" in the stone reminds us of the guiding spirit within us. Helps balance the metabolism, aids eyesight, colds, fever and blood pressure.Lake Huron Beach Glass: Smooth and soothing to the touch, worn down by the waves of time. (handcrafted copper connector) Canadian Jade: Healing and hope, protective and lucky, bringing serenity, wisdom and balance - promotes a long life and a peaceful death. Alleviates fear/anxiety. Aids heart, hips, kidneys, spleen, cleanses blood. Mexican Red Snowflake Obsidian: Honesty, sincerity and truth. Protection from negative energy, a tool for change. Brings out the warrior spirit. Aids the physical. Relieves pain, aids circulation. White Onyx: Powerful protective stone - releases old relationships and banishes negativity, obsession and stress. Aids bones, respiratory system, ears and heart. Yellow Turquoise: A "truth stone" - self-honesty, self-realization - protects and detoxes. Opens the heart. Helps to relieve stress, headaches, enhances healing. A stone of wholeness-bringing the spritual and physical worlds together. Green Kyanite Spikes: Enhances psychic ability, attunement, balance, calming and letting go of anxity, aids intuition and creativity, reduces energy blocks. Aids the muscular system, throat and brain. African Turquoise: (see Yellow Turquoise description above). Copper magnetic clasp.