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Carnelian Ammonite
(Longer Necklace Length)

Mexican Fire Agate: Agates are stones of balance. They provide claity during transition,stimulates awareness. Enhances physical ability - provides vitality and strength. Aids in treating burns and generally relieving pain. Carnelian: Action stone - grounding, focus and self-actualization, ambition, confidence - be “present”. Protects against sorrow and depression - encourages love with family. Cleanses blood, kidneys, stimulates passion, sexuality and energy, heart health - aids menstrual pain, arthritis and allergies. Golden Obsidian: Stone of truth and honesty - aiding the ability to see inside oneself - including flaws. Aids ability to alter behavior and embraces positive change.Yellow Feldspath: Helps us to find innovative and exciting ways to reach our goals. Supports self-awareness and self-love. Assists in finding misplaced items and is a stone of creativity. Carved Carnelian Ammonite: (See attributes of Carnelian above) This ammonite pattern is used in finding our way down the spiritual spiral path to the center where your version of your Universal Creator awaits. This pattern radiates positive earth energy.Hematite: Helps clarify mind/thoughts, calming, balance, support for hopes and dreams, transforms negativity to love - reduces stress, strengthens courage. Aids leg cramps, blood disorders, insomnia, spinal alignment and healing of bone breaks and fractures. White Turquoise Jasper: Known as the “supreme nurturer” - reminding us that we are not here only for ourselves, but also to care for and bring joy to others. Symbolizes will power and helps protect from the harmful intention of others. China Chrysoprase: Helps to make conscious what is unconscious – strengthens insight and higher consciousness. Speeds healing of any wound, shields from negative energy, aids restlessness. Dragon Blood Jasper: Dark green jasper with red flecks in it. (See description of Jasper above). Red Creek Jasper: (See description of Jasper above).Mahogany Obsidian: (See description of Obsidian above).