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Spiritual Love/Compassion

STRING IS SOLD (Wrist Length w Magnetic Clasp)

Great Lake Petoskey Stone w Silver Spiral: State stone of Michigan, fossilized section of ancient great lake reef. The spiral is a symbol of growth and evolution. Black Natural Tourmaline: Combines spiritual love with compassion and emotions. Helps to break up energy blocks, which are experienced as anxiety and stess. Excels in strengthening the immune system related to life threatening illnesses. Balances metabolism.Rhyolite: Encourages change and creativity, increases self-esteem and the capacity to love. Aids in easing meditation practice and balances male and female energy (Yin and Yang) of the person wearing it. Helps the pursuit and realization of goals. Serves as a sleep aid, liver cleanser and general healer. Labradorite: Spiritual awakening, promotes self esteem, intuitive wisdom, calmness, patience, and aids in combating addictions. The hidden “flash” in the stone reminds us of the guiding spirit within us. Helps balance the metabolism, aids eyesight, colds, fever and blood pressure. Pre-13th Century Heaven and Earth Bead: Tibetan agate– stone of balance–“heaven’s bead”–3-eyed, represents the three stars of luck – happiness, honor, longevity. It is the bead of health and wealth to bring continuous fortune and removes obstacles.Botswana Agate: Agates foster love, abundance, longevity, acceptance, courage, protection, balance, harmony, strength and appreciation of nature. They are considered Power Stones, very grounding, solid and stable. All agates have excellent protective and healing energy. Serpentine: An excellent stone for meditation, helping one to find inner peace - encouraging the ability to resolve conflicts by peaceful means. Helps to balance mood swings. Carnelian: Action stone-grounding, focus, and self-actualization, ambition, confidence -"be present." Protects against sorrow and depression and encourages love with family. Cleanses the blood, kidneys, stimulates passion, sexuality and energy - aids heart health, allergies, arthritis and cancer recovery. Black Tree Agate: Brings balance, relaxation, protection and grounding to all who wear it. Tiger Eye: Self discipline, grounding stone, promotes balance and strenth to get through difficulty, helps quiet the mind, promotes harmony, humility and aids anxiety and stress. Aids eyes, throat, reproductive system and helps align spinal column. Mexican Red Snowflake Obsidian: Honesty, sincerity and truth. Protection from negative energy, a tool for change. Brings out the warrior spirit. Relieves pain, aids circulation. Gunmetal Magnetic Clasp.