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Pater Noster/Nostra Madre
(Our Father/Our Mother)
(150 bead Lady Godiva rosary pattern-very long string)

Pater NosterRefers to a group of beads (rosary, prayer beads) on a string which can be used to recite the Lord's Prayer or any fixed form of words used as a prayer or charm. There is a famous story that Lady Godiva was so devout she used a 150 bead string to rejoice in her spritual practice through the 150 Psalms. This extremely long string begins with the 5 universal signs of life - the equidistant cross, the triangle, the circle, the square and the spiral - all life forms, designs, etc. come from these signs. This can be worn on the body (neck, wrist, belt, etc.) or carried in manhy different ways.Handcrafted Copper Equidistant Cross: The equidistant cross represents relationships & integration. Red Garnet Circle: Balances natural energy, highly protective stone, increases confidence and security, imagination, attracts profound love, cures depression. Works on liver to relieve toxins in the body. Handcrafted Copper Triangle: The triangle represents your goals, visions and dreams. Copper Spiral Square: The spiral is a symbol of growth, change and evolution - the square is the stabilizer. Labradorite: Spiritual awakening, promotes self esteem, intuitive wisdom, calmness, patience, and aids in combatting addictions. Helps balance the metabolism, aids eyesight colds, fever and blood pressure. Moss Agate: Courage, banishes fear, foster protection, abundance, a positive outlook and heals past emotional wounds. Balances emotions, relieves exhaustion. Aids with back, neck and blood issues. Carnelian: Action Stone - Grounding, focus and self-actualization, ambition, confidence - "be present". Protects against sorrow and depression-encourages love with family. Cleases the blood, kideys, stimulates passion, sexuality and energy, heart health, arthritis and allergies. Moonstone:Emotional balance - brings all that you need, harmony and balance between heart and mind -your feminine side, motherly love, support - new beginnings, adapting to change. Sometimes called the travelers stone because of the way the moon moves through the zodiac. Aids women's hormones, regenerates the tissues and organs, heals the reproductive system.Yellow Feldspath:(Feldspar) Helps us to find unconventional and exciting ways to reach our goals. Offers support relating to self-awareness and self-love. Assists in finding misplaced items and is a stone of creativity.Red Jasper: Known as a powerful protective stone, grounding, stands for justice and loyalty. Helps with conflict and aggression - promotes grace and perseverance. Aids kidneys, spleen, liver, bladder and stomach. Amazonite: Creates a feeling of power, inspires truth, sincerity, honor, self-love, clarity and openness. Opens the doorway to psychic vision and restores spiritual faith. Helps to develop trust in spirit, dispels negative energy, sadness and grief. Help you to feel more power in powerless situation and fosters artistic creativity.Tiger Eye:Self discipline, grounding stone, promotes balance and strenth to get through difficulty, helps quiet the mind, promotes harmony, humility and aids anxiety and stress. Aids eyes, throat, reproductive system and helps align spinal column. Yellow/White African Turquoise:A "truth stone"- self-honesty, self-realization- protects and detoxes. Opens the heart. Relieves stress, headaches, enhances healing. Promotes wholeness of spiritual and physical worlds. Blue Kyanite: Enhances psychic ability, attunement and balance - calming, letting go of anxiety, aids intuition and creativity - reduces energy blocks. Aid the muscular system, throat and brain. Dragon Vein Jasper:This stone's energy is associated with peace and happiness - Grace, a grounding stone, calming emotions, cooling tempers, facilitating communication. Jade: Healing & hope, protective and lucky - bringing serenity, wisdome and balance - promotes a long life and a peaceful death. Alleviates fear/anxiety. Aids heart, hips, kidneys, spleen and cleanses blood.