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Lake Huron Beach Stone: Smooth and soothing to the touch, natural stone worn down by the waves of time.Serpentine: An excellent meditation stone, helping one to find inner peace - encouraging the ability to resolve conflicts by peaceful means. Helps to balance mood swings. Natural Blue Impression Jasper: Thought to ease depression, fear, worry, anxiety, impatience and stress bringing peace and calm to even the most activ mind. Excellent meditation stone. Peach Aventurine: A stone of prosperity, increases success in career and love and helps diffuse negative situations - reinforces leadership and brings together intellectual and emotional bodies. Fancy Jasper: Jasper is the "supreme nuturer," reminding us we are not here alone, but also to care and bring joy to others. Embodies willpower, protects from the harmful intentions of others. Amazonite: Creates a feeling of power, inspires truth, sincerity, honor, self-love, clarity and openness. Opens the doorway to psychic vision and restores spiritual faith. Helps to develop trust in spirit, negative energy, sadness and grief. Helps you feel more power in a powerless situation and fosters artistic creativity. Copper Spirals: The spiral is a symbol of growth, change and evolution. Natural India Agate: Agates are stones of balance, aiding in emotional comfort.