Custom Work

Some individuals may feel they would like personalized meditation beads to work with or that may more directly address certain parts of their lives that they are currently working on. Others may want to present a string of beads to a close friend or relative that is going through a particularly difficult time with a health issue, divorce, grief related issue, etc. Still others may want to commemorate joyous occasions – births, weddings, etc. The truth is these beads can be made and used for any or all life events as a continuing practice to connect with whatever higher force you feel present in the universe.
There are many different areas to consider, these are just a few:

Semi-precious gemstones have been assigned many metaphysical properties throughout the ages, protection for physical, mental and spiritual ailments for example. There is usually a theme of some kind associated with the beads themselves so that they work in harmony together.

Extra Loops: Some of the strings have “extra” loops such as “mystery” loops or feminist loops – loops to represent certain aspects of your life or the five universal signs of life (see below). These are usually unique to the individual and may contain charms, buttons, talisman – items that may hold great significance for that particular individual.

Gail's String

Stars: Represent the divine feminine, symbols of truth, spirit & hope – the concept of the divine spirit in each of us. Their nocturnal nature also leads stars to represent the struggle against the forces of darkness and the unknown. The five-pointed star is also a powerful symbol of protection & balance.

    The Five Universal Signs of Life:*

  • The Circle – symbolizing wholeness & the experience of unity.
  • The Triangle – representing out goals, visions & dreams.
  • The Square – symbolizing stability, solidity & security
  • The Equidistant Cross – representing relationships & integration.
  • The Spiral – symbolizing growth, change & evolution
Here is a link to some Sample Patterns and Sample Meditations: Samples

* Arrien, Angeles. Signs of Life. Penquin Putnam Inc. (1992)

I have created the following questionnaire as a first step in ordering custom work. By completing this and returning it to me it will answer many of the basic questions that come up. Once this is received the process of creating your particular string of meditation beads will begin.
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